Traveler of the world. I miss you my friends!

Sidi Bou Said on a rainy day, Tunisia 2010

Here I am sitting by the window with a cup of coffee next to me. Remembering the past, reflecting about the future, being grateful for the present. Idir’s “A vava inouva” playing in the background. It makes me smile and cry in the same time.

It makes me travel back in time.

October 2010, La Marsa, Tunisia

I miss my friends. I miss the jasmine smelling evenings on the roof of the house where Diana and I were chatting without interruption until going to sleep. I miss Fati’s kindness and warmness. Preeti and her eternal laugh. Thameur and our evenings in Centre Ville that are going to live an eternity in my heart. I miss even Chouchou, the best smoothie in the world. Omar’s silliness and jokes. Karim and his magic guitar. The Greek goddess Constantina. My Habiba darling.

I miss the feeling of not knowing anything and letting myself absorb as much as I can.

I miss my dear friends who taught me more about kindness, tolerance, acceptance and gratefulness than they even know.

I miss laughing until my belly hurts and see you every day.

The warm Tunisian air smell.

I even miss the Sirocco and how it taught me to appreciate the cold.

I miss our Thé vert à la menthe in Sidi Bou Said. The sky and the sea.

Aux café des délices

Isn’t that ironic how traveling and living abroad can be both a blessing and a curse? I wish there would be no physical distance between us, but I’m confident real friendships are not limited by time and distance.

But I still miss you my friends!  It’s so unfair we are scattered around the world…

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