Rocking pregnancy like a champ at 40!

Caroline in Upward Plank Pose. End of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Copyright Unfold Your Mat

Hello Caroline! 🙂 Thank you so much for accepting to do this interview and sharing with the people out there your story of pregnancy and yoga practice.

Lavinia UYM: Let’s go down the memory lane. When did you start practicing yoga? Was it love at first sight?

Caroline: I tried yoga at work a few times and thought it was very nice. The yoga we did here was relaxing, but I knew there were more challenging styles and wanted to try that as well. Tried Ashtanga, fell in love!

Lavinia UYM: How was your first class? What made you to continue showing up on the mat?

Caroline: How it made me feel afterwards. The effect it had on my core strength, and eventually, how it made me feel mentally and emotionally.

Lavinia UYM: Do you feel yoga makes any positive change in your life?

Caroline: I have battled anxiety my entire adult life. Because of this I have become a very active person, I did Karate and dance for years. Yoga brought another kind of control into my life. I could control my anxiety with my interior strength, my psyche, the body also got positive results, but the mind … I feel like I can conquer the world!

Lavinia UYM: Which are your favorite poses?

Caroline: The inversions …. Hands down the inversions 😊

Caroline in Headstand preparation. End of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Copyright Unfold Your Mat

Lavinia UYM: You’re now expecting a baby, has your yoga practice changed in any way during pregnancy compared to how it was before?

Caroline: Unfortunately, yes. I was really sick in the beginning of pregnancy and had to stop doing all physical activities. Yoga included. My endurance went down and I wasn’t able to practice yoga as I had planned. Inversions became a distant memory.

Lavinia UYM: Is this your first pregnancy?

Caroline: I am pregnant with my 3rd baby now. It is my first as a yoga student. I feel more grown up now, more in control, more in tune with my body.

Lavinia UYM: Practicing while pregnant is not an easy task to handle mentally and physically. What motivates you to show up?

Caroline: The way I feel afterwards, and the long lasting effects.

Caroline in Cow face pose variation. End of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Copyright Unfold Your Mat

Lavinia UYM: You are almost at the end of your 3rd trimester right now. What are your favorite postures to do at the moment and why? How does practice look and feel like at the moment?

Caroline: I like sitting with my legs crossed, doing some lights twists, the tree feels very good, the stretches, especially the leg stretches. Also, the butterfly leaning on the bolster, it is very relaxing! Also, I do respect the limits my body imposes, I do not get into poses that feel too challenging, or dangerous.

Lavinia UYM: A lot of pregnant women suffer from back pain and other pregnancy related aches during this time. Have you had any of those?

Caroline: Yeah … No pain!

Lavinia UYM: Do you think yoga helped preventing these pains and aches? And if yes, can you give us some examples?

Caroline: I believe it is how strong we make our core. I have done planks for years now, I feel I am collecting the fruits now.

Caroline in Gate Pose. End of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Copyright Unfold Your Mat

Lavinia UYM: Despite the regular UYM classes not being focused on pregnancy yoga exclusively, you have chosen to continue practicing. Why is that?

Caroline: I still like to feel challenged, plus the energy is magical!

Lavinia UYM: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Caroline: I am 40 years old. I am so proud of how my body is doing pregnancy. I believe yoga has played a big part!

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Disclaimer: This article does not replace professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before starting a yoga practice while pregnant. Caroline is an experienced yoga student who has practiced yoga before pregnancy.



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