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Ashtanga yoga – any benefits?

Ashtanga yoga – any benefits?

Ashtanga yoga is the royal eight fold yoga (8 limbs yoga) systematized by the ancient sage Patanjali. 8 LIMBS OF YOGA (ASHTA=8, ANGA=LIMB) Yama – attitude towards others Nyama – attitude towards ourselves Asana – physical postures Pranayama – breath control Dharana – concentration Prathyahara – sense withdrawal Dhyana – meditation Samadhi – complete integration […]

Interview with students – Kathrin & Geor

Interview with students – Kathrin & Georg

An interview we did in the summer of 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden with our nice students Kathrin and Georg. Kathrin and Georg practice on average 4 times/week. I am always impressed and super happy to see beginners falling into what I call “the yoga magic”. As teachers it’s wonderful to watch people growing and learning […]