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There is so much to write about. This last year has been complete madness. So many ups and downs. Disappointments. Pain. Struggles. Not sure I will find the proper words or the proper narrative to describe all that. But I hope it inspires you, dear reader to live your life as authentically as possible, be brave and bold, work hard and embrace the challenge.  Create the life and the society that you envision. Stop complaining. The world has enough of those. And just put the work. Do your own contribution. It’s never too small. Take action for a happier you in every day life, not just once a year.

Here they are, some of the things I learned,struggled with and reflected upon this last year of my life

We must be willing to go through hardships with dignity and courage so that we can rise above our disbelief and limited mind. Then we can see things as they are and live every moment as it is – a miracle.

Being human means experiencing suffering and being conditioned in our mind patterns. But when we connect to our higher Self, we discover we are all star dust having a human experience. Your consciousness beyond your rational thinking mind is limitless. That is true power.

It’s not about the experience that you have. Whether is happiness or pain, it has a lesson in it. Your job is to translate that lesson into shaping a better you.

Entertainment is nice. Beautiful objects can bring you some temporary happiness. But the true joy can only be obtained when you made peace with yourself and brought harmony to your mind. When the mind is still, you can see yourself. Long term joy can only be obtained by putting the work in disciplining your mind to work for you and not against you.

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Nobody is normal. We are all insane, just an illusion, a drawing on the sand. Some day sooner or later, we will be forgotten. Some day the drawing will be reshaped by the wind. That’s not the point. Personality and this human experience is not really  the point. What matters is when you discover what is beyond that.

Body and mind is always changing. Sometimes not the way you want it. Don’t identify yourself with them because you will suffer. Find what you are beyond that.

Most times is when you surrender to the challenge that magic happens. As much as you force or push through it, you cannot hurry the process. Good things come in their right time. Meanwhile keep doing your best. It’s in the daily struggle that we make progress.

Photo by Kathrin Pfeifer

The strongest people are soft and humble. They don’t shout to show their strength. Their simple presence in the room brings peace and harmony.

Don’t be busy. Make time for being in the now and see the people that stick around. They are the precious ones.

A day has 24 hours for all of us. Still some people manage to do more than those that always claim to be busy. I got intrigued. Did you? Make time for living your life and follow your dreams.

Even the people you admire the most are still people after all. Some day they will disappoint you. We are all imperfect. Don’t create an idol. There is no such thing.

I don’t care how much wisdom you share on social media or how good you are with philosophy. I care how you lead by example. I care about you being real, perfectly imperfect human being. I care about you living what you preach. I care about you acknowledging your mistakes not trying to impress me by looking perfect. Then I want to be around you and share my time with you. The rest, I don’t care.

I don’t have time to lose on small talk. Time is too precious for fake conversations. I care about real human connection. I have experienced that. I know it’s rare. But it exists.

Go outside. Let the rain, the snow, the sunshine touch your skin. And smile. You belong there. That is your home.

Telling the truth and being yourself it’s scary for some people. If they don’t walk the path of honesty, they don’t understand you. Still never trade honesty for being liked. Being liked is a b*ch.

There will come a time when you have to let go of things, people, places, memories, past pain so that a better you can be reborn. Know that – this is okey. It’s part of the path. Let go my dear!

When frustration and anger are out, then you can see clearly.

Allow yourself to experience negative emotions, but don’t become them. Because you are not them 🙂

Walk your path as if this is the only thing that matters. Everyone’s story is an adventure. Live it! Be happy for it! Stop judging! Stop complaining for God’s sake! Stop it! And just live it! There is something more powerful into that. Be happy for your life. We don’t really know if it’s more than one story. So live it. Com’on! You can do it! 🙂

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Success is a journey, not a destination. Success is not your social status. You do not impress me with your clothes, your job, your acquisition of information, your degree. I don’t care about that. 🙂 I want to spend time with you, the real you.  As long as you try to impress people with your “status” you will never be happy. You will remain that little kid that wants to be loved or liked, that kid begging for attention. See that. Rise above that. You are much more beyond that illusion.

No matter what you do, people will judge you and have an opinion about you. That opinion is not always relevant.  Live your path. Don’t care what they say or think. Most often people don’t believe in you because of their own pain and disbelief in themselves. Live your story! Cherish it!

People who truly know themselves, support others and don’t put them down. They had to walk their own path to get to this wisdom. Such people are rare. Learn from them. Be grateful if you met them.

You cannot force someone to be your friend. Some people are just blind when you offer them sincere friendship. It is ok to let them go. You are better without them. Be happy they crossed your path. There was a lesson into that.

It is ok not to like everyone. Maybe there are some people in this world that are really evil. Maybe the world needs them too – for balance, you know?. Who knows? It’s not your job to change them. They must be willing to change themselves if they want. And if they don’t, then just let go and continue your journey without them. It’s all good.

Always be grateful! There is always someone who has a more difficult time than you have. No, it’s not films, it’s reality, you know?

Dream big. Work hard. Never give up!

Never stop playing and be happy for no special reason 🙂

Photo by Costel Parcalab

Discover yourself and become that! That is the most meaningful and the most important thing you will ever do in this life. Got it? 🙂 Now go do it! Live your life as if this is your only chance (maybe it is) and make the most of it.

From my heart to yours,


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