Time flies. Life flies or maybe not?

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

Isn’t that funny how we spend our childhood wanting to grow up and then reach a point when we look back with nostalgia and want to travel back in time?

Time brings change. Positive change for some. Nostalgia, pain and the feeling of nonacceptance for those that remain caught in the past,. Romanticizing the past is one of the trickiest things your mind can do.

We spend our life controlled by the mind which whether lives in the past or worrying about the future. In yoga, we practice bringing it in the present moment. The sweet present moment, when you can appreciate where you are right now,right here, today. And start making steps towards creating an even better future.

Change is part of life. If there is not change it’s like there is no life.

We can either embrace it fully or continue fighting against something out of our control. We cannot control the essence of life itself as much as we try. That is the beauty of it.

With time and different experiences, we change. We are shaped by situations, environment, people we come into contact with, habits, thoughts, patterns, decisions we take or not.

To change – it is completely okey. Imagine how it would be like to be 30 but still think and behave like 16?

So I guess it’s ok to grow up. Right? Time is something that affects us all. It changes who we are inside, as well as the way we look on the outside.

Some changes are hard to endure and test our mental strength.

Some encounter more obstacles than others. But in the end, everyone has challenges. We are different, but still the same.

Some feel too old too soon. As Benjamin Franklin used to say: “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” Oh crap, that’s a big trap! Feeling that in the past some things were better. Feeling the pressure of society that wants you to tick some boxes in order to be a so called mature person. The truth is, life is not linear. It has ups and downs, lessons to learn.

Finding acceptance and learning to live the present moment is about appreciating your life. Unless we start appreciating more where we are right now, we will always find excuses to travel back in time or in the future. We’ll try to escape our own life. Isn’t that a pity knowing how limited our life is?

While some try to escape the time, others remain graceful under its test. Put the work to make peace and accept the impermanence of life. Accept the fact we are all here only temporarily.

There are so many ways to look at things, but whether we embrace it or ignore it, time flies for all of us. In the end we all want to be happy, loved and hope to be remembered at least for the next generation.

The truth is – we are a small particle in the journey of time. How many people have been  born before we were born? And how many are remembered right now?

Time forgets us. But the present moment is our chance to make our dreams happen.

Remember to be humble. Accepting impermanence is a reminder to start living more. The grey hair and the wrinkles are a reminder you were given the chance to live this day. While others were gone way too soon. Don’t grow old too soon! Grow up instead! Embrace the changes. They make you who you are right now. Today, bring a smile on your beautiful face and be happy for being given the gift of life.

Time flies, we might as well live it right. You are your own captain. Nobody else can live your life in your place.

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