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Hello everyone!

I came up with the idea of writing a series of articles in which I will share with you a few stories about some of the people that I met throughout the years and had an impact in the way I choose to live my life. I believe they are truly inspirational and great human beings. So why not to share this with you guys as well?

I believe that learning from each other is one of the best ways to create beautiful communities and build a better world.

Besides my own father, my dear Costel, my husband is the man that has loved me and loves me the most.

I’ve met this guy almost 10 years ago. He was in his second year of university studies, I was just starting. I can recall those moments,  new in town, not having a clue of what I want in life and then he shows up and manages to make me laugh, you know that real laughing with belly ache and tears.

Me 19 years old, he 19 and a half (he’s going to turn 30 before me hah)

2 big kids that throughout the years have shared struggles, smiles, grumpy moments, sh*tty moments, dramatic changes, adventure, love on two different continents – in one simple sentence, making the most of our time together on this Earth because we don’t know what will follow next. But if there is life after Earth, then I have a feeling we’ll stay together.

During this time, he has never thought me anything bad. Always positive, inspiring and determined to make the most of his life.

His eagerness to learn inspires me every single day.

His discipline and determination are sometimes more annoying than mines hehe, but this guy gets things done. He is that kind of human that gets things done, not just talks about it. This, I think, is an essential quality to make progress in life.

Whenever in doubts, he always manages to help me find the right solution, sometimes directly telling me his opinion on the matter, other times just by listening to my own story, I manage to find my answers alone.

We support each other and we encourage each other to grow and expand our horizons. We believe that love is about showing to the other one how to grow his / her wings alone, not necessarily doing things for that person. When one is down, the other shakes him up and reminds him/her what really matters. Just like these two little guys:

Picture taken by me in 2010, Djerba Island, Tunisia
Picture taken by me in 2010, Djerba Island, Tunisia

He’s not afraid of working hard. Everything what he achieved until now is through discipline and putting hard work into it.

He’s kind, non-judgemental and always trying to help as much as he can, no matter who asks for that help.

He teaches me and inspires me to be strong, to believe in myself and live my truth. He is the number 1 supporter of Unfold Your Mat, my husband, my best friend, my yoga assistant sometimes (well…most of the times). He helps me to do all that “invisible work” for Unfold Your Mat and thanks for his support this project became a reality. I’m sure all of you that have been through similar experiences know what I’m talking about.

But most of all, he is the one and only.

I never get tired of his silly jokes ( well I’m lying..I do sometimes haha). Being with him is the most valuable and enriching thing I have on this Earth.

I am so blessed to have you in my life! “Together till the end”

Me and Costel a few years ago, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Me and Costel a few years ago, Lofoten Islands, Norway



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  1. Yay! Love this kinda’ articles! Love you guys!

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