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Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro t...

Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro to Ashtanga

Welcome to our pilot episode of The Unfold Your Mat Podcast. This pilot episode was  initially made for my students who wanted to take part into the discussion, but due to life busyness couldn’t be there.  Because we think this is fun to know, we want to share it with you all. Hope that it […]

Ashtanga Yoga between confusions and ...

Ashtanga Yoga between confusions and doubts

Here I am in our living room where all this craziness (and journey of the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done in my life) started. I cannot believe it is only two years since it all started to take shape. I feel so much has happened during these only two years. I have worked so hard […]

Trött på stretching. Pröv yoga! Authe...

Trött på stretching. Pröv yoga! Authenticity through my eyes

Authenticity is nothing more than being yourself. But can you really be yourself if you do not know who you are? How can you become “yourself”? That is the question. So many people misuse the word “authentic” and want to be authentic, but it is hard to know that the more we obsess over it, the […]

Fear is the main enemy

Fear is the main enemy

Judgement and yoga – Do they work together or not? I believe we all judge to a certain degree. Even those people that claim they don’t, I believe, they still judge. We create a certain idea about how we want to be and at a certain point, we start to believe it. However this doesn’t forbid us […]