Trött på stretching. Pröv yoga! Authenticity through my eyes

Nature is not fake.

Authenticity is nothing more than being yourself. But can you really be yourself if you do not know who you are?

How can you become “yourself”? That is the question.

So many people misuse the word “authentic” and want to be authentic, but it is hard to know that the more we obsess over it, the less we become authentic.

Authenticity is a state of mind.

An authentic person radiates happiness, confidence, truthfulness. He/she is not afraid of expressing her/his point of view. Doesn’t care about being or not being judged, because as long as he/she believes in it, that is enough.

Someone who is authentic is loving and caring and strong, You can feel that person and somehow you want to be around her/him. You want to learn from that person. You want to grow and do your part into bringing something good into this world.

We all despise falseness and appreciate authenticity.

But somehow falseness has always been a part of the human society. In certain degrees it exists everywhere. Isn’t that ironic how we all appreciate being surrounded by honest, authentic people, but in the same time encourage fake behaviors at our convenience?

In my point of view, the degree of development of a certain society is somehow related to the amount of falseness present in daily human interactions. The more we “develop”, the more we introduce politeness rules, lists of what is allowed and what is forbidden to say or do in public, more fake smiles and less real authentic humans. It’s such a sad view. The more people become cold and egocentric, the more they become unhappy and have mental instability. Would the key to happiness be to stop being selfish and start caring more?

Why? Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we teach our children to continue to perpetuate this sick behavior that doesn’t serve no one?

It is similar in the yoga practice. Nowadays there is yoga everywhere, but few people understand what they practice and/or teach. Good yoga does not praise itself, nor try to impress others. Yoga is an intimate authentic practice that happens when one is truly himself without masks and fake smiles. You cannot fake yoga. You can be bendy and know how to perfectly do any shape humanly possible and impossible, but if you do not have the right intention, nor understand what this practice is all about, you will remain just a shape, just a body that can bend. No development can come unless your heart and mind are open. And for that to happen, you have to give your best. You can not cheat your way to authenticity.

I personally encourage a practice of self-discovery and self-development. There must be purpose in our actions. There must be progress. Otherwise we are just getting old, polluting the earth and wasting resources and then die like we never existed. There must be more than that to our existence. There must!

Please tell me there is! I do not want to lose hope in the future of humanity…

Let’s become authentic and caring! Let’s stop misusing words and lead by example! Do your practice and all is coming!


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