Believe you can do it and you are halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt

Hello everyone!

I’m back to Gothenburg, Sweden after 3 weeks of holidays in Romania. It feels like such a long time since last writing on the blog. I missed that! Holidays are nice, but an everyday schedule is so much needed in order to find my balance. I took my yoga mat with me and had plans to keep doing my daily practice no matter what, but it proved to be quite challenging to do so. Different environment, food and climate, too many people around all the time compared to my life in Sweden, not having a fixed schedule etc all these factors had a strong impact on my yoga practice.

I felt bad of letting all those things overwhelm me and not being able to focus in my practice. But you know what? I feel all this was needed in order to appreciate even more how much this practice has given me. We do something that is so good for us or we have something in our life that is so precious, but it’s so easy to get used to the good stuff and stop appreciating it at its real value. It is just our human nature…This was a good test in order to see how many imbalances happen in the mind and body when your  daily practice changes or stops.

 Or maybe this was more yoga than anything else? I don’t know…

I had the chance to reflect a lot, to remember where I was and where I got, to appreciate the good and the bad that took me where I am now. Home doesn’t really feel like home anymore, but I guess it is normal when you travel the world. The more you see, the least you want to settle in one place. Or maybe I was born to be a traveler. I don’t know…yet.

I am so happy for having had the chance to explore a bit of this world and to realize that there is so much more to be done. There is a priceless opportunity in having the chance to see life from different perspectives. We humans tend to let ourselves influenced by the geographical space where we were born, our own culture, environment, family, school, group of friends etc and most of the time we believe there is only one way, one perspective. The moment we get out of that box, we start to see there are actually many ways.

It doesn’t matter what some people say or think. It doesn’t matter what they tell you can not do. All it matters is that you find what it best for you. In the end we all want to be happy. Don’t get lost! Don’t listen to the negative thoughts inside your head or the negative things some people say. Do your best, keep working towards achieving your dreams. Be truthfull to yourself and listen to your heart. It knows best.

In case you still think some things are impossible, please watch the amazing Tao Porchon-Lynch. 98 years old and still practicing padmasana after hip replacement, still lifting herself up, teaching yoga, dancing and doing things that others say they are impossible to do. All these because she believes she can do it.

Believe! And all is coming.

Thank you so much for the inspiration Tao!



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