You are teaching a yoga class!

Picture taken on 22nd of October 2016, Yoginis that participated at the "Ease of breath & Heart openers" workshop
Beautiful yoginis that came to the workshop “Ease of breath & Heart openers” on October 22nd, 2016

It hit me yesterday during Sunday’s 11 am class. I was guiding my students to take a few deep breaths before we started the asana class and all of a sudden my mind was “Holy sh*it, you are teaching a yoga class!”

It’s been a year and 4 months since I start teaching. Sometimes it feels like I lived 10 lifes in just 1 year and 4 months. It’s like somehow everything that I did before Unfold Your Mat seems so far away from my current reality. But from time to time I cannot believe it myself, the big change that took place these recent months.

I’ve changed so much and I’ve learned so much during this time. I started to see life and the world differently. I stopped loosing time on unnecessary things and I started working more towards turning my dreams into reality.

Certain things that I thought they would be impossible, they became possible and all of these because when you put love and a genuine intention into something, it is impossible to get something else than love in return.

The world doesn’t spin around you. If you want to make everything turn around you, then it gets a bit neurotic. You cannot be happy in this way!

For a long time, I was searching for something that I could give back to the world and create positive change around me. Teaching yoga was not something that I always wanted to do. In my opinion, teaching yoga is something that comes from deep within you. You cannot teach it from books and someone else’s videos or experience. Sure, reading books and learning from others might help, but in order to teach it authentically, you need to feel it, practice it, experience it and truly let you guided by your inner voice. In the most quiet place of your being, you will hear that inner voice.

Seeing your happy faces at the end of the class, it’s a true blessing and encouragement to keep on going with this project. It’s like the struggles and the difficult times get more and more easier because I feel all of it is worth. I can see change in you, dear students, and I’m incredibly thankful for everything you are teaching me every single day and class.

Thank you for unfolding your mat with me!

© Unfold Your Mat 2016

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  1. I really enjoyed the workshop. I feel like I have found my inner voice again.

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