Stories of a young yoga teacher

As we were sitting yesterday at the “Yoga Cafe” table, I was reflecting on how far we’ve got. What started as a small group of people united by the love of yoga shortly became a community. I am extremely happy and grateful for your trust and for being given the chance to practice and teach this amazing method. I constantly see new beginners making their way into the yoga room, growing and learning. I see old students who were with me since the beginning of this project. And they keep on coming and learning. I witness their progress every day.  And I feel proud of them. So proud!

I have also seen people leaving Sweden, moving to other countries and places. It is my biggest joy when I see them taking this new healthy routine that they just discovered and continuing to practice.

For me personally, it is extremely enriching and rewarding to see my students getting more energy from the practice of yoga, changing some of their habits, taking more action into realizing their dreams and being happier in their everyday life. What greatest joy could be than sharing with the world your passion and what you learn through personal experience?

The fact that you tell me words like “happiness,peaceful, learning, wellbeing, health, future, balance, kindness, quietness, strong mind and body, devoted teacher etc” come to your mind when thinking of Unfold Your Mat,  makes me so happy and grateful for trusting me in guiding your way into this amazing ancient practice. You guys, thank you so from the bottom of my heart! You are amazing and I’m truly happy you are here with us!

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! 🙂 It encourages me to continue giving my best into learning more and more as a student and becoming the teacher I aspire to become one day after many years of practice. We do not become teachers overnight, but after a long time of putting effort into our personal practice and giving our best. It is thanks to you that this project exists and I find the motivation to keep on sharing things I learn and explore through my own body, mind and  lessons I get from personal experiences. I wish for you only the best and to continue giving your best like you did until know. Only good things could follow when we put our heart and good energy into something 🙂 But we need to really mean it 🙂

“Thank you so much for every class, every smile, every encouragement, every time you push us to do better, every time you share your thoughts and philosophy. You make a huge difference in my life.”

“I think Lavinia should continue doing all she does. I noticed a great work and progress since I joined two years ago. Classes at her home are fantastic. I really appreciate working in smaller groups.”

“I’m so glad that Yoga is a part of my life now. Thank you a lot for being as you are!”

“I like the way she (Lavinia) teaches and I like the atmosphere in the class room.”

“Good teacher in several ways. Kind, emphatic, helpful, great voice, caring about everyone. Classes are different every time, nicely mixed, new poses. Workshops to deepen, to get started, to understand and to learn more.”

I like coming to the classes “Because this is real yoga, not yoga work-out only. The combination of physical and mental approach. I never know what to expect, a challenging Ashtanga class or a relaxing restorative class or a deeper Hatha style class. The only thing I know is that I will get a reboot. It doesn’t matter how crappy or happy my day was, I know I’ll feel (even) better after the class. I have learnt so much about myself at the classes.”

“I like the concept of approaching and practicing Yoga with mindfulness and the balance between the different aspects (e.g. physical exercise, breathing, state of mind) .”

“I love the way Lavinia teaches yoga. Is not just a few fancy postures, it’s deep yoga knowledge.”

“Very nice environment. Variety in the sessions. Learn every time. Feel extremely good afterwards.”

“I see continuous progress, I feel good and healthier. The energy is always good. Lavinia is true to herself, loves yoga, wants her students to progress, she is genuine person, passionate and emotional. Great teacher!”

“I feel grounded and content afterwards.”

“Takes the time to advice you on the position, open minded. Feel I’m learning the correct yoga.”

“It’s a good mix between relaxing and challenging.”

“I love Lavinia’s positive vibe and calmness. If I was in better health I would never skip any of her classes.”

I am such a blessed young teacher! 🙂 Thank you for being here, you guys!

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