Honest friendships. Real gem

It is a precious gift to have someone that believes in you. Someone that is always there no matter what. Someone you can laugh with, someone you can cry with. Someone who loves and supports you regardless the circumstances.

If luck exists, then I’m one lucky person because I found that “someone”.

But that someone is not supposed to become a person you can rely on every time something bad happens. That someone is a person that gives you wings to fly, but also kicks your a** every time is needed. It is someone that tells you the awful truth when you’d find any excuse just to avoid it. That someone guides you so you can find your inner power, not a new source of dependency.

I believe in relationships that make you blossom. I believe in love, real friendship, honest and meaningful conversations, in people that listen more and judge less. I believe in relationships where I’m not afraid of telling my point of view.  These are the people I’d like to be surrounded with. I also believe these honest friendships are incredibly hard to find and if you already found them, then you should keep them.

Even though we all search for it, most of the adults are not willing to put the effort to make it happen.

The more we age, the more we hide in our comfort zone. The more we wear masks and pretend we know it all.

The less we give trust. The less we do selfless things. The less we open up.

The more we become selfish.

But there is also another way of being. A way of becoming a mature person. And this is not something according to your age, but being mature is reaching that level of confidence and wisdom in which you start seeing what matters. You stop wasting time and wearing masks and just be yourself.

Deciding to stay truthful and be yourself will also come with consequences.

Not many people will support you, nor understand you. But in the end you’ll attract the right tribe.

You’ll open new gates to inspiring people that instead of telling how you should be or talking behind your back, will accept your flaws, will tell you when your thinking is wrong, will laugh and cry with you. With that someone you can be yourself which is priceless in this age of pretending. That someone will teach you that being self-less is not for the weak, but for the strong and wise.

To my friends who accepted me just the way I am still while kicking my a** every time I needed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to be a friend! I miss you so much!

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  1. I miss you more than I can show or say!

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