2016: End of year reflection

Here we are again. Another year is ending.

Even though life continues and I believe this is just a symbol in the yearly calendar, I do like to do an evaluation. It helps me see and better analyze everything that happened, the good and the bad, the lessons learned. Steve Jobs used to say: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

It’s good to see life in retrospective, I think. It all kind of makes sense when you look back. At least, for me it does.

2016 was the year of big changes. I worked hard in bringing more focus, discipline, mental clarity and change in my daily habits.

2016 was the year when my ego got crushed and this has made place for my soul to start shining.

Through Unfold Your Mat I learned that everything is possible, even what I once thought to be impossible.

I stopped hiding in my comfort zone and started manifesting my dreams, my hopes, my wishes to make the life of those around me and myself included, more full of creativity, inspiration and smiles.

I dropped the perfection obsession. It hasn’t been easy to get rid of all the brainwashing done through years of school education and a childhood lived in a Romanian environment where if you are not the best, you are a loser. At least, this is what I experienced as a child and teenager.

I met some of my biggest fears and I learned that I can do it, if I truly want it.

I start seeing when the ego gets in the way of experiencing the real life and its lessons. I met myself countless times on the yoga mat and start experiencing the yoga in all aspects of my life. I could see how this makes me a better person in my every day life, relationships and teaching.

I found freedom in discipline.

I learned to appreciate the pain and the struggles as a way to progress in life.

I stopped fighting with the past and why certain things had to happen this way. And instead started appreciating the hard life that I had. I stopped playing the victim and took action to build the life that I envision.

I still draw inspiration from my dad.  He past away almost 3 years ago. I still feel the pain of losing him, but I could also see how his death keeps teaching me that we do not have time to waste. He keeps inspiring me to live a life of virtue, stay truthful to myself, be brave, work hard and above all, always try to be a good person.

I have a big desire to live my life to the fullest, to love from all my heart, to give more and do more.

Even though it always feels good to have the support of those around you, I stopped asking for validation and started believing more in myself. I understand that not everybody understands. Sometimes even those you expect them to believe in yourself and understand, they might not be able to do that.

I learned to appreciate my life just the way it is, the good and the bad, the past that cannot be changed.

I made progress in accepting that we are here only temporarily. Our life is limited. Whether we accept it or not, some day we will all die. Accepting death, for me, is about being a mature human being and a reminder to stay humble. Whether or not, there is more than one life, we still have a duty to do our best in this one!

I feel happy and grateful!

Thank you all who’ve been part of this magnificent journey! Looking forward to the next adventure together in the year to follow!



© Unfold Your Mat 2016


  1. Neda Stjepanovic

    The beauty of this is that you have learned all this so young. You should give yourself a huge credit for achieving this. I wish you to grow even further….you are a very special Lavi…..

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