There is a breeze of change in the air

Woke up on this beautiful Friday morning feeling a bit nostalgic, but so happy for my life, for having the chance of doing what I’m doing, for the beautiful people I met throughout the years.

There is a breeze of change in the air. Romina is already in Brazil. Maud is leaving Göteborg tomorrow morning. They are both leaving after a year of stay in Sweden and getting back to their home countries.

We’ve come a long way since your first day in that tiny shala on K…gatan and it feels just strange to see you girls leaving. You are two important pieces of this puzzle. You’ve been there when Unfold Your Mat was just a baby, just starting. We’ve shared so many things and changes together.

One special thing about Unfold Your Mat is its diversity. It gathers people from various cultures, backgrounds, people that have different ways of seeing life, different opinions, different interests. They all bring something unique to this project. They bring themselves. They choose to bring themselves to the class just the way they are and they are not afraid of being vulnerable. Because this is what yoga is about, being yourself and working towards getting to know yourself better and presenting your best self, a truthful, kind, open minded human being.

What started as a simple idea, slowly became a place where people share their passion for yoga, where they practice together, smile, sometimes a few tears find their way out of the corners of the eyes just in the middle or at the end of the practice. But there is no judgement, no fear, no pretending whatsoever. I dare to say, Unfold Your Mat became a place where people feel it is safe to let go on whatever they are holding on and just be.

I know that “Change is the only constant in life” and I’m working on non-attachment (Honestly… I am working really hard, but it’s not easy to do that especially when you have so nice students), but I will miss you girls. I’ll miss your smiles and laughing. I’ll miss your presence and energy in the class. I’ll miss seeing you growing and learning. Well…I must confess I’ll miss seeing you do some extra Chaturangas too hehe

The future is bright and great things are waiting for you. Make them happen and keep the gift of yoga with you. Don’t let it go! Make this practice blossom and may it bring you whatever you are searching for.

Your friend & yoga teacher,


© Unfold Your Mat 2016

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