I woke up this morning missing India and wanting to take few weeks break just to dedicate my time to do my practice and reflect.

I feel so inspired about all the beautiful yoga practitioners and teachers who’ve been studying, practicing and teaching since I was just few years old. These are beautiful humans that few people know about. They are not spending their time on Instagram and posting selfies nor doing yoga challenges, forcing their way into a pose that looks good on camera but it’s far from being “the asana”. They are the invisible yoga practitioners. The ones that are practicing real yoga. They don’t praise themselves about how good they are because they know that in order to call yourself a yoga practitioner you need to kick your ego out from the conversation.

You don’t see them in the most popular yoga studios. They don’t follow trends, but instead are committed, hard working, have a strong will to develop as a human being and a genuine intention to give something back to the world.

I must confess I feel pretty annoyed to see some of them don’t get the respect they should get. It is sad that we humans have a longing desire after living in a better society and world, but the moment someone with a real intention shows up, we don’t even bother to listen and learn from that person. We choose to follow the trends instead. Do our own thing because we know better than anyone else. We choose the fancy mats and yoga pants. We care about taking a selfie with that famous yoga star and not bother to listen what the hell he’s talking about. It’s like we live on auto-pilot. Not thinking about our actions. Even in this community where there  should be respect, openness, kindness, caring, listening more than bragging about how great you are…

In this world, there will be teachers and there will be merely instructors. The teachers will not get the attention some instructors will, but as we say in Romanian “those who have ears to hear, will hear”, meaning that the knowledge will get to the person that wants to learn and do more.

Like in many other fields, some of these beautiful people will probably get the respect they deserve only after they leave this world and others maybe never. They will stay hidden to the general public, but still they will somehow make this world a better place. When you meet them, listen and learn. You don’t see them every day.

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