Cold weather is already here in Gothenburg! I am not a big fan of it, but somehow it is such a nice feeling in the air 🙂 There is a sort of melancholia and cozy feeling this time of the year.  The chill air, the typical Göteborg windy weather and the colored leaves invite you into a self-reflective mood. I love this Swedish autumn feeling! It is the best time of the year to enjoy a big mug of tea and reflect on my life, appreciate the good things that happened.It invites me to be grateful for everything I have and to keep working towards improving what I’m already doing.

Yesterday, after the regular Unfold Your Mat’s class on Sundays, we had brunch in town. There is this old style American breakfast/brunch place close to our home that me  and C. wanted to try for a while. They have pancakes! It always looks kind of yummy when we see  other people having breakfast on our way to Sunday morning yoga. It does indeed seem more yummy than it actually is (for our taste) and the food was not too much for two hungry people that like to eat a big breakfast. C. was after a Vinyasa Flow class and me after teaching. I am always hungry after teaching! 😀

One thing I do only when I’m in Scandinavia – I love to sit outside on a terrasse even if it’s cold. Priceless the feeling of wrapping yourself into a warm blanket, hold a hot mug of coffee in your hands and enjoy your brunch with your loved one.

Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to enjoy the new book I got as a present from C. It’s called “Far & Away” by Andrew Solomon. It is a beautiful gift since I love reading about people who explore the world and share their opinions and experiences with others. Last couple of years I really enjoyed reading autobiographies, biographies and diary style of books. I love that is real experience and I feel it inspires me to want to do more with my life. It makes me dream and it makes me want to explore more and more. It is so beautiful to be given the chance to live abroad. I feel that in my own case, these 7 years abroad living in 3 different countries besides my home country, have allowed me to get to know myself more than I ever could before. It is such an enriching experience if we are willing to explore it without judgement and prejudices.

After another early Mysore practice this morning, yummy breakfast and a hot mug of my own version of chai, I am ready to start the day with some computer work.

Wish you guys a wonderful week!



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