Perception is not reality

Is the world ready for an open heart?

Sometimes I feel it’s not.

Sometimes…when you give love, it’s hard to accept that what you get in return is hate.

The more pure your intention, the more people who would throw words at you without even thinking before they say them out loud. How do you know that your opinion is the truth? Why do you think your opinion is everyone’s opinion?

Wouldn’t just be better not to make presumptions and just be grateful for something you receive from someone’s heart? Why do we have to let the ego and the perception get into the way of a pure intention?

Yoga opens your heart and connects you with your authentic self but it does not make you immune to the meanness in the world.

By practicing regularly and understanding more about the source of our actions and reactions, controlling our mind more, we become more aware about who we are. We might aspire to be good people, but this doesn’t necessary makes us good people. There is a huge amount of work before we start recognizing our flaws and put the work into stop talking about things we are not sure about. Our opinion is subjective most of the time. And most of the time perception is something that ruins our life and the one of those around us…

Words can hurt and leave you broken inside. So make sure you choose your words wisely.

Be sure you understand before you make any presumption.

Practice kindness and non-judgement! This is the real yoga. If you practice kindness,then kindness will get back to you.


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