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Backbends are also known as "heart openers"
Backbends are also known as “heart openers”

Good morning everyone!

Here I am at the kitchen table (transformed into my desk this morning), a cup of hot vanilla chai on my left and a thousand thoughts about this working week. Good thoughts!

I just finished an article shared on Andrei Rosu‘s website and it gave me such a boost of energy and happiness. This man who couple of years ago was spending his days in an office in front of the computer, sitting on the couch in the evenings and eating bad food, this man is now running marathons, ultra marathons, ultra triathlons, fighting with his fears and trying to set an example for his kids and other people out there that think certain things are impossible. It is indeed impossible as long as we believe it to be.

I brought my laptop here today because I adore sitting close to the window. It is beautiful outside. Yellow, red and orange leaves in the trees. It is  so much silence and a perfect time to get creative and come up with new ideas about this weekend’s workshop.

I am crazy busy in organizing the last details before the pranayama & backbends workshop I am teaching this Saturday, October 22nd from 3-6 PM. Yes, you read that right! 3 hours of talking about yoga, asanas, healthy technique, body and mind awareness and of course practice 🙂 EXCITING! 🙂 I have been planning this for a while now. My understanding and love for backbends has grown so much after my second teaching training this April at Samyak School in Mysore,India and the workshop I took with Kino Macgregor this year in Stockholm. However, regular practice is the most valuable experience.

The last few months represented a huge step forward in my backbends practice and understanding my body much better than before.  I would be happy to share with you what an amazing source of energy and general well-being backbends can be. However this can’t be achieved without a good technique.

What I will be sharing this Saturday is stuff I’ve learned through my own practice,  personal continuous research and exploration, as well as from other teachers with whom I had the honor to practice and learn.

I gave it the name “Ease of breath & Heart openers”. Why?

Yesterday, my student Kathrin was telling me how incredible it is that she can breathe so effortlessly after the yoga class. The breathe just flows and the mind is so calm. It is the effect of asanas, but it wouldn’t be the same without proper breathing.

When I first started practicing yoga, I didn’t understand how on earth the person sitting on the mat next to me was breathing so deep. I was taking the deeper breath I could take and still…this was only a quarter from the breath of my neighbor.  What??? How can he breathe so deeply? I just wanted to tell to the teacher: “Seriously, I’m trying! But I don’t understand how I can breathe deeper. Help!”

With time I got to know that this is what regular practice leads to. Hard and consistent work leads to results.  Pranayama or yogic breathing exercises are a powerful tool to make our life happier and more peaceful. We have to re-learn how to breathe and get rid of that shallow breathing that we most of the time have and are not aware of.

Heart openers? YES! Because they open our heart and unlock the locked emotions and fears accumulated throughout the time. It frees your breathing and makes the energy move in the spine and whole body.

A proper breathing, healthy technique, willpower, discipline and an open mind are the secret ingredients to a nice yoga practice & a happier YOU.

Come and practice with us!

Saturday, 22nd of October, 3-6 PM Nordostpassagen 55

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