300 hours TTC: Transformations after 5 weeks of intensive practice

Stephanie explaining Parivrtta Paschimottanasana during "Asana clinic" class and adjusting me
Stéphanie explaining Parivrtta Paschimottanasana during “Asana clinic” class and adjusting me

A teacher is first of all a student.

After I came back from India, I took a short break from a very challenging asana practice and also from other sports. I really learned my lesson after the first experience with the 200 hours .

I felt that my tired body needed a break so I tried to listen to it. Rest is a very important part of our life so we need to learn how to make the difference between laziness and really needing that break. We need rest in order to recover.

However, I did my pranayama and meditation in the mornings. I also did light asana practice and went to the gym a few times, but took it really easy (no goal in mind, just enjoy).  Couldn’t stop moving completely 🙂

A few things I’ve noticed in my yoga practice and also in the way I do other type of exercises after this advanced teachers’ training:

  • Focus on the mat and outside of the mat has improved
  • Mind got stronger
  • Lung capacity has increased due to pranayama ( breathing exercises) which we were doing every morning 6 days/ week
  • Eye muscles got stronger due to Trataka
  • Focus and discipline while doing pranayama are better now
  • Focus during meditation has improved
  • Overall body awareness has increased
  • I fell in love with backbends and the great feeling of opening my ribcage
  • Improved awareness and control of my pelvis while practicing asanas
  • My awareness of the alignment and importance of the feet in standing asanas has improved
  • Deeper inhalation and longer exhalation while practicing asanas
  • Back muscles, triceps, intercostal muscles, abs and glutes got stronger
  • Hips more flexible
  • I breathe better in cardio and weight lifting workouts due to my yoga practice
  • I apply yoga concentration techniques in other sports and I realized this makes me more efficient and my mind is stronger than before
  • My right ankle ( which I sprained last year and kept bothering me for months) got better and stronger. Balance slightly gets better on my right side
  • I got more aware about the imbalances that exist in the body and how to work with them in order to balance
  • I am more patient
  • I know it’s all about the journey, not the final destination

Feel free to share your yoga story!

Wish you a beautiful day!



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