Regular people like you & me| 02 – Get outside your comfort zone


comfort zoneA few years ago, I met A. on a carpool ride from Krakow to Berlin. By coincidence ( or maybe life wanted it to be this way), she sat next to me. We start taking and all of a sudden she mentioned the magic word “AIESEC”. Something clicked, there was a connection, both of us being old members and trainees of AIESEC.

In those 5 and a half hours, we talked almost about everything: dreams, fears, hopes, experiences, life lessons.

She is such a lovely person! Warm, brave, honest, with so much positive energy and love of life.

All of a sudden, she starts telling me about the rafting accident that changed everything. This accident, that brought to light the fact that her heart was ill and she needed a pacemaker for the rest of her life. Contrary to what you might think, she was not sad when telling me all these. I was looking at her peaceful face and she was smiling. Something gave me shivers.

This girl, that has the same age as me, was impatiently waiting for the day when the doctor will allow her to get back to sports again. She was missing running so badly and was hoping that some day she’ll be able to do that again. And I, was sitting there in that car, next to her and feeling ashamed that I have a healthy body and I do not run as often as I could.

This girl lives her life to the fullest. She lives every day like it is the last one.

I believe we should all feel inspired and be like A. It is a pity that many of us need a strong shock most of the times to wake up and realize that we only live a few decades ( and maybe just once)…

We should make the most of our life and stop feeling pity of ourselves whenever things get hard.  Get outside your comfort zone! We should experience life as it is. No fear!

Thank you A. for teaching me such an important life lesson!

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