I’m going home! But first…meeting her :)


Starting a new week and last one in Göteborg before my holidays. Yey! Well…the workshop I will be attending in Stockholm this weekend is not exactly a holiday, but since it will be my opportunity to be just in the student’s role, I can say, it’s a kind of holiday 🙂 I’m so looking forward to it! I love to be in the student’s role, to learn and listen other people share their knowledge and experience. After all aren’t we all students every single day of our life? It’s priceless, I think. Finally I will be meeting her and have the honor to practice with her! She is one of my greatest sources of inspiration, the woman that through her stories and practice first inspired me to go and study yoga in India. 🙂 Life is a journey and it’s beautiful how much it can change when we decide to put effort into something.

This weekend was a well deserved one. Lately I’ve been thinking (or maybe overthinking) about some things which I think, it has exhausted me. We can never find solutions when we create obsessive thoughts. We need to give a break to the mind and then in the silence, we will find the answers we are looking for.

After the workshop, I will be flying to Romania, for a 3 weeks holiday with our families. Looking forward to the sunny weather, tasty fruits and veggies ( August is a nice month for food I like) and just chill down and enjoy the company of our friends and family. Oh I must confess, I’m looking forwaaaaard to that roasted aubergine salad too!

Yoga classes in Göteborg will start again on the 18th of September. Keep yourself updated on the website and don’t hesitate to send me any suggestions that you might have. I’m always open for feedback because it makes us all grow. Fresh start in September to beat the Swedish darkness and make the energy move into the body and mind 🙂

Until then, enjoy your free time and don’t forget to practice some yoga too!



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