I met N. back in 2014 when we both started studying Swedish. She was one of the people in my class. I remember talking a few times but not much. I didn’t know anything about her, her life, nor her story.

Today, 2 years later I met her for a coffee and a chat. I saw this woman that one year ago she started her own photography project. A woman with self-confidence, raw sincerity and human kindness in the way she approaches people. I loved that! I missed that!

I am truly happy to see how more and more people from my circle of friends start to think more about what matters in life and stop losing time. I believe N. is a true inspiration. Having worked as a journalist for years, she always liked photography, but she didn’t know how much she enjoys taking pictures. Last year, she discovered it and she hasn’t stopped since then.

Doing what you love changes you. It makes you happier, more energetic, more kind with others. Changing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself, ultimately changes the world and makes it a better place. The change always starts with yourself. Complaining and expecting others to change, will only create frustration, anger and it will perpetuate negative and destructive behaviors. This will not make the world a better place.

I’m so happy every time I meet people like N 🙂

I believe she’s doing a great job and she has the right attitude to create amazing things. So beautiful to see she is following her dreams! We want more brave people that make the world a better place!

We want more of these chats and inspirational people! Quality conversations and honest people. We want more!

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