How I found my gift in life

I found my gift in life

I’m not that old, but it feels like I’ve been searching such a long time for my gift in life, my purpose. As I searched more, I got more and more frustrated that I couldn’t find it. Maybe there is actually no dharma, no absolute life purpose, but just our ego that tries to make us think we are meant to have a mission.

However I think we all have our unique talents and gifts which can truly make this world a better place. If only we would have the willingness to put the work that is required in order to become conscious human beings and learn how to make use of those gifts that were given to us…

Research studies show that when we are passionate about something and we do it from the heart, we feel happier and more fulfilled. When what we do helps people, we feel rewarded and motivated to keep on going, despite the struggles,the obstacles and the hard times.

Two and a half years ago I couldn’t tell what my gift was. I was so obsessed by the idea of finding something I’m good at and my passion. In those circumstances it was impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many times,we carry our gifts all the way and we do not know it. We search outside, instead of looking inside. Deep in our heart, we’ll always find the answers we are looking for. Why does it take such a long time to see it? I do not know…I guess it’s simply how life is meant to be or maybe certain knowledge is  revealed to us only after lots of struggles, pain and sacrifices.

If you look at some of the most inspiring people on Earth, most of them have one thing in common: they all had many struggles and pain in their life and yet, they are so strong, wise and good people. Out of pain, beautiful things can be born or buried forever. We all have two options: use the pain as a chance to grow and learn or feel sorry for ourselves and maybe never move forward.  The one we choose, it’s completely up to us.

A friend of mine, which is much wiser than me, once told me: “Greatness is within, my dear.” Such simple, but complex words made such a huge impact.”. It resonated deeply and I kept thinking about that over and over again. He was right! So right!

We cannot find happiness, nor greatness outside of our own self. It’s always inside. Always! Through the practice of knowing ourselves better and understanding our actions and reactions, we get to discover our gifts, how to make use of them and give something back to the world.

The only thing we leave behind us is the way we influenced those among us to be better human beings, grow and make this world a better place. So let’s make it!

I didn’t know teaching yoga is something I could do. And I do not know if I’m going to do this for the rest of my life or it’s meant to lead me somewhere else. I don’t know…The only thing that I know is that I put all my heart into it. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Two years ago, in fact I didn’t feel worth of teaching it, because I thought I have much more to learn before I’ll be able to teach it.

Slowly by developing my own  practice, studying more, learning from my teachers and most importantly learning from my own life experience and the lessons life has given me, I began to understand that teaching yoga is all about staying truthful, being yourself, do your practice, teach what you practice, practice what you teach and share from the heart.  It’s all about that! This is what makes the difference between a yoga teacher and an instructor that only teaches asanas. Everyone can teach asanas, but very few can teach yoga.

So finding your gift is, sometimes, just about daring to start. Do not overthink, just start. The intention that you put is an essential part of the process. Drop the expectations, do your best, learn, practice, be disciplined, don’t be afraid of failures or hard work, be patient, be selfless and “All is coming” (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois)

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