Forget the romance. Try love instead

In a country like Romania and not only, you mostly hear about romance, Cinderella stories, girls trying to impress boys, dressing to be liked by others, waiting to be saved, expecting someone else to make you happy. But when the hell are we going to teach self-reliance?

When are we going to start teaching our girls that they don’t need to be saved from anything and anyone? When are we going to stop being drama queens and put the work into living our life?

When are we gonna want to have a partner in life and not someone that should bring you flowers, open doors for you and tell you are a beautiful princess? When?

Stop playing the Cinderella! Be a woman who can take care of herself and doesn’t expect someone else to make her happy, but a man who you love and loves you back without the need to impress each other. A man with whom you can build a life together, share your most intimate thoughts, make stupid jokes, be who you are (both of you), while putting work into learning from each other and growing stronger together. A relationship without masks, but pure love, trust, kindness, continuous growth together. And in order for that to happen both people need to have a pure intention and truly love each other.

I am tired of the brainwashing in our society. So tired and sick of the way we brainwash our girls. The lies we tell ourselves. The drama we create in our minds. The wrong thinking in our society. The way we close our eyes and accept certain things just because some other people say or do them. And we are afraid to stand up and do it differently.

I always thought that before having kids, we have the responsibility for the life we are going to bring in  this f**ked up world, to be a very awake person. But how many of us are we in fact awake on a daily basis?

Call it subjective, but I don’t believe many of us are living our life in an awaken state. We live on automatic pilot. We barely give ourselves the time to reflect, to analyze the many thoughts that we have on a daily basis, the decisions we take. In instead we are good at complaining, blaming others and acting selfish as if we are the center of the universe. In our human experience, even having kids is most of the times selfish and not full of love as we tend to tell ourselves and other people. What humans do and say is rarely pure and generous without expecting anything in return. And even when someone is being generous and honest in offering us pure love, we rarely see it. We rarely appreciate the goodness, because complaining is more attractive to us.

We run after happiness every single day of our life. And the more we run after it, the less we find it.

Happiness is always an inside job. Sounds like a cliche, but it is always in your heart. And in order to be happy, you must first be honest with yourself, the people around you and stop spreading hate for God’s sake, stop feeling self-pity and expect others to make you happy. Treat yourself and others with respect and kindness whoever they are and whatever they do. Stop thinking that you are the most important person on earth. You are not. Just be a good person. And all is coming.

Have we thought about living our life and stop wasting precious time on unimportant things?

Have we thought about stopping to commercialize love and instead build honest loving relationships?  Try love instead!

Raise self-reliant, aware girls! The world doesn’t need more Cinderellas that need to be saved! But strong, awaken future generations.

© Unfold Your Mat 2017

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