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Self-awareness beyond personality

Self-awareness beyond personality

I am Lavinia. I=EGO=ego consciousness am=emptiness=soul=space Lavinia=form “When you remove the “I” and the form, you are left with the emptiness=the soul within. That is yoga.”  Yogi Arvind, Samyak Yoga School, Mysore, India- notes from philosophy class 300 hours course, April 2016 A couple of months ago while doing my Ashtanga practice, I saw (what […]

I’ve been mourning my dad for m...

I’ve been mourning my dad for more than 3 years

I felt his presence two days ago while doing a yoga nidra at home. I was lying down on the floor with my face up towards the ceiling when I felt someone stands next to my mat and looks at me. When I got really scared, I opened my eyes to check if it’s something […]

Do I need motivation to practice yoga...

Do I need motivation to practice yoga?

A while ago I read this article that talks about motivation versus discipline. At that point in my life made a huge click with what I was experiencing. I was in a point where I felt I have lived almost my entire life in a dream or better said in an unconscious state not seeing the obvious […]