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Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro t...

Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro to Ashtanga

Welcome to our pilot episode of The Unfold Your Mat Podcast. This pilot episode was  initially made for my students who wanted to take part into the discussion, but due to life busyness couldn’t be there.  Because we think this is fun to know, we want to share it with you all. Hope that it […]

Self-awareness beyond personality

Self-awareness beyond personality

I am Lavinia. I=EGO=ego consciousness am=emptiness=soul=space Lavinia=form “When you remove the “I” and the form, you are left with the emptiness=the soul within. That is yoga.”  Yogi Arvind, Samyak Yoga School, Mysore, India- notes from philosophy class 300 hours course, April 2016 A couple of months ago while doing my Ashtanga practice, I saw (what […]