“The most precious experience for me with Unfold Your Mat yoga classes is, that no matter how bad my day was and how much physical and/or mental tension I build up during the day, after class I feel relieved, literally created more space, can see things clearer with more distance. It works with regular semi-private ashtanga classes in Mysore Style as well with Led ashtanga classes, but also Gentle Hatha. Lavinia teaches with all her heart and she takes care individually. With her I was and am able to develop my practice into dimensions I never thought about before. Even though Ashtanga is always the same series of postures it’s never boring. You get the chance to discover yourself, to train and heal your mind to stay calm in stressful situations and heal your physical body by adding a great amount of strength, endurance and flexibility. If you stick to the practice on a regular basis in Unfold Your Mat classes you will be able to see another even more positive side of you. It’s absolutely worth to join open minded, try and just let yourself flow into it, taking one step at a time. If you trust the process and the teacher you will be surprised to what transformation you are able to.” Kathrin 

“I recommend this yoga studio in Gothenburg. Lavinia is a very good teacher; she is patient and gentle toward her students, as well as passionate about the yoga practice. Her classes are very inspiring!” Chira Padron