VINYASA YOGA. Dynamic yoga class focusing on synchronizing breath with movement. Suitable for all levels of practice. 

ASHTANGA YOGA GUIDED & SELF-PRACTICE. This class is like a private class in a small group setting. The focus is on individual pace of learning and helping the student to progress and build independence. Assistance is given for Primary and Intermediate Series. This class is suitable for people that have been practicing ashtanga yoga as well as other styles of yoga and want to give ashtanga a try.  

GENTLE HATHA YOGA. Perfect class to restore and release the tension accumulated during the work week. Energizing and strengthening first part of the class followed by relaxing second part. In this class we will hold poses for about 7-10 breaths and some of them longer. First part consists of standing poses while in the second one we will do seated and lying down postures. By the end of the class we will enjoy some restorative variations of traditional postures to prepare for final relaxation. Suitable for all levels of practice.