Olbersgatan 12, Unfold Your Mat, Yoga studio floor plan
Unfold Your Mat, Yoga studio floor plan, Olbersgatan 12, Gothenburg

Yoga studio and two rooms available for partial renting on Olbersgatan 12 (Skatås/Lisebergsbyn; Kålltorp area), Göteborg.

Total surface of the whole studio is 113 m2. Room 1 size is 20,4 m2. Room 2 size is 22,26 m2. Yoga room size is 35,69 m2.

Yoga room rental prices:

Hourly rent: 200 sek

Whole day: 1000 sek

*Possibility for monthly rent outside the regular Unfold Your Mat weekly schedule.

Massage room:

Hourly rent for minimum 2h: 200 sek/h

Monthly price for 1 day/ week: 1500 sek (4 days/month)

Monthly price for 2 days/ week: 2500 sek ( 8 days/month)

Monthly price for 3 days/week: 3500 sek ( 12 days/month)

Monthly price for 4 days/week: 4500 sek (16 days/month)


Massage room 1 available to rent on Saturday & Sunday.

Massage room 2 ( close to the yoga room) available to rent during the day until 5 pm from Monday to Friday; Saturdays & Sundays all day.

Existing bathroom, shower, changing room and small combined kitchen/sitting area can be used.

The studio can also be rented out for special events, presentations.

Please email us at info@unfoldyourmat.com for questions and more details.