“I highly recommend this yoga class, because it’s the complete package. The teacher devotes a lot of attention to breathing techniques and working with your mind to help you with stress relief. Very clear but gentle instructions on technique, and all routines are well thought out to push you further, yet not to feel exhausted, but accomplished at the end of the session.There’s something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced in yoga. The teacher always gives and illustrates alternatives to tailor your practice for your needs. She works with small groups, so the atmosphere is friendly and cosy and she manages to give you attention, to adjust your posture and to provide personal advice.” Oana Borcan

“I recommend this yoga studio in Gothenburg. Lavinia is a very good teacher; she is patient and gentle toward her students, as well as passionate about the yoga practice. Her classes are very inspiring!” Chira Padron 

“I strongly recommend these classes! I am a yoga beginner and I have learned so much in only a few months! The teacher is passionate and committed: she adjusts each class/each pose to the level of everyone, clearly explaining each pose and challenging ourselves enough to make us feeling accomplished at the end of each class.” Ylenia Brilli

“I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in making progress with their yoga practice! Lavinia pays attention to the energy in the room and adapts the sessions perfectly, it ranges from “very dynamic makes you sweat” ashtanga flows to more static, relaxing asanas. She gives clear instructions and good variations of all poses and flows! The best teacher I’ve ever had!” Louise Hulten

“Definitely recommend these classes! Fun, challenging without being overly complicated, and with a committed teacher!” Frida Mårtensson

” Unfold your Mat classes are just PURE LOVE and that is why I recommend these classes. I arrived to Gothenburg just few months ago feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the change but then I met Lavinia and with dedication and kindness she guided me trough the yoga practice. After every class I leave peaceful, grateful for my body and relaxed.” Maria Ariza

“With Lavinia you learn what yoga really is about. She takes a lot of effort to help everyone during the positions and always makes sure to have the a very nice atmosphere during the classes. Just great!” Mirte Van De Griedt

“I strongly recommend ‘Unfold Your Mat’ classes. Especially if you are looking for an English and proper Yoga (with very good practices and some theory) in Gothenburg city. Lavinia does it in such a way that is not only a Yoga Class, but can be also a really nice experience in your life, because she really teaches YOGA! She gives attention for each single student (different levels), even when we have ‘big’ classes. If I would summary Unfold your Mat in one word, I will say: Impressive!!!” Romina Batista

“Lavinia is a great teacher. She guides the classes with serenity, calm and reliability. I just started, but she always makes me feel good, my body is responding every  time, and she helps me to fell good with every little improvement! I strongly recommend her classes!” Fernanda Freitas

I highly recommend these classes. Lavinia is a caring and supportive teacher, and a great human being. Her classes are great exercise for both the body and the mind. She provides alternatives to every pose, and pays close attention to how we move and breathe so we make the most of the classes while preventing injuries. If you’re in Göteborg, make sure to give it a try!” Fabiana Simoes

“Unfold Your Mat’s yoga classes are that precious moment where you leave all your worries and stress out and just enjoy the present time.  Not only Lavinia teaches you to get into the correct poses with clear explanations and a gentle help, but she also teaches you to challenge yourself and yet be patient and know your temporary limitations at the same time (which is an everyday-life benefit).She is a real guide for a healthy practice of yoga. She will always stay my first yoga teacher, and most probably the best one.” Maud Thomas