Unfold Your Mat is an international environment that brings together many nations of the world. Every week people from North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe join our classes in Gothenburg. The teaching language is English. Where needed I can instruct in FrenchRomanian or Swedish.

MYSORE STYLE ASHTANGA. In this class you will be practicing in your own rhythm without being “ledd” like in a typical group yoga class. To attend this class students should be at least be practicing and be familiar with the concept of Sun Salutations. This class is like a private class but in a small group setting. The focus is on individual pace of learning and personalized practice. Assistance can come in the form of physical adjustments and verbal tips that can increase mental and body awareness. You will be learning the Primary series sequencing together with the teacher. You will understand the meaning of the ashtanga yoga method, learn the poses, the vinyasas and how to synchronize breath and movement for finding a state of flow in your practice. In this class we do not practice poses in random order, but we respect the traditional sequencing of Primary Series Ashtanga. When needed modifications will be offered. 

GENTLE HATHA YOGA. Perfect class to restore and release the tension accumulated during the work week. Energizing and strengthening first part of the class followed by relaxing second part. In this class we will hold poses for about 7-10 breaths and some of them longer. First part consists of standing poses while in the second one we will do seated and lying down postures. By the end of the class we will enjoy some restorative variations of traditional postures to prepare for final relaxation. Suitable for all levels of practice.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA. This class is inspired by traditional ashtanga yoga while allowing for variation and change. Suitable for all levels of practice.

Classes are open to ALL levels of practice from complete beginners to more advanced practitioners. However if you have never practiced yoga before we advise to attend Friday or Sunday as your first class. If those days are not suitable for you, feel free to message us and will try to find a solution in this case.

Mats, blankets and props are provided in order to be used during the class. If you prefer you can bring your own.