Should you feel intimidated of ashtan...

Should you feel intimidated of ashtanga yoga?
I heard this phrase so many times: “Ashtanga yoga is not for everyone. You need to be strong and flexible and bla bla bla” I remember when someone who did a 200hours Yoga Alliance TTC once said: “I did this TTC but soon realized I need to start teaching something else, because you cannot teach [...]

The ashtanga yoga magic

The ashtanga yoga magic
Hello friends, I’ve been away for a while, as you might know already. I honestly needed some time off. I share so much of myself with the world, that from time to time, I need to pause. Away from the blog  I had the time to invest more energy into other creative tasks and focus [...]

Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro t...

Podcast Pilot Episode – Intro to Ashtanga
Welcome to our pilot episode of The Unfold Your Mat Podcast. This pilot episode was  initially made for my students who wanted to take part into the discussion, but due to life busyness couldn’t be there.  Because we think this is fun to know, we want to share it with you all. Hope that it [...]

2017 – Metamorphosis

2017 – Metamorphosis
  2017 has been one very interesting year of my life. November 2016 I embarked upon the daily journey of Ashtanga. I knew it will take me to my darkest sides and teach me lessons,but I didn’t think it will all happen so fast. First one and a half month has been all happy and [...]

A journey of yoga – Interview w...

A journey of yoga – Interview with Mariana Estevez
  We did this interview with Mariana right before she left Gothenburg for her next international adventure in Norway. I guess she’s reading this post right now from her cozy new home and maybe thinking about the good old times when we practiced together in Gothenburg. I am always sad when students leave, but happy [...]

10 lessons of wisdom for everyday mod...

10 lessons of wisdom for everyday modern life
Hi there! Today I thought about putting in to words a few reminders that all of us need from time to time. We chase happiness in external sources most of the time, but deep in our heart we know real happiness always comes from inside. Just by changing our daily habits and letting go of [...]